Dragon Level

Silver Level Course

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Students want and need a unique, fresh approach to learning music. It’s my passion to deliver this to you! With my style of teaching, I have discovered that students learn faster, engage deeper, and are inspired to continue exploring their capabilities.

As musicians, We practice technique to get our fingers to go where we want them to go. We practice theory to understand where they can go and why. My method guarantees an eclectic musical education that allows the student to confidently play freely and give room for when that visionary flare lights up inside them!

I balance what a student wants to learn with the necessary tools to succeed as a well-rounded musician.

Our goal is to inspire discovery in you, to spark your creative expression and keep it alive and thriving. We instill the love of learning, and the confidence you need to know that within you is a wellspring of great capacity and passion.

Each student learns and integrates in their own unique way. We fine-tune ourselves to your individual style and customize our lessons to fit your personal needs. We learn the inner mechanics of how you best study so that you become fluent in the language of music that wants to comes through you.

1452 Foundry Music Academy offers a unique musical education system. We have three levels of service based on your needs and budget. Using our creative training method, you can choose the package that fits you best.